Student Handbook

Preparatory Program

All preparatory programs are designed to prepare persons for employment in specific or closely related occupations. Full-time continuing programs are offered on a thirty-hour per week basis. The part-time continuing programs are offered on a less than full-time basis. Instructional units are designed as a guide to assist the instructor in developing an individualized program for each student. The instructor will adjust the number of hours that a student spends working in the instructional units according to the student's ability.

Campus Training

Training at Tennessee College of Applied Technology allows the student to have the ability to network, make professional contacts, and communicate with classmates, instructors, and faculty and staff.

The educational programs offered at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology are competency-based and most are open entry/exit. Instruction is individualized, and learning is self-paced.

Program offerings are listed alphabetically, with a brief description of program content, training schedule and award levels. For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit our website.

Advisory Committees

Advisory Committees serve as a liaison between the school, business, and industry. Each full-time preparatory program offered by the institution has an advisory committee. Decisions on curriculum, equipment, instructional methods, and technology are made after considering the advice and recommendations made by advisory committee members.

General Advisory Committee

Tennessee College of Applied Technology utilizes a General Advisory Committee to advise the campus as a whole and is comprised of representatives from the following:

Chamber/ Business Member
Community Member
County Mayor
K-12 Member
Public Member