Student Handbook

Inclement Weather

Inclement weather, especially winter ice and snow, occasionally make it difficult for students to attend school. The faculty and staff of the Tennessee College of Applied Technology Harriman are concerned with the safety of each student during inclement weather. The Tennessee College of Applied Technology Harriman will take one of four steps during inclement conditions:

  1. Remain open as normal.
  2. Close completely with the day(s) being made up within the same term at the direction of administration and approved by TBR.
  3. Operate on a modified school schedule since so often many roads are usually clear by mid-morning.
  4. Classes will be dismissed at any time during the training day or evening if weather conditions deem it necessary.

In the event of snow, ice, or other severe weather conditions, students should use their own judgment in deciding whether to travel to school. It will be the responsibility of the student to provide documentation for unusual and extenuating circumstances.

When weather conditions are severe, information regarding College closing will be provided for announcement to the following at the earliest possible:

​Do not confuse announcements regarding the Tennessee College of Applied Technology Harriman with Community Colleges, Universities, or Public Schools. A cancellation of day classes does not mean that night classes will also be canceled, or vice versa. Any instructional time, which is lost due to College closures, may be made-up at the end of the term in which the closure occurs. Generally, the break period between Fall term and Spring term will be used to make up any missed days.