Student Handbook

Tuition & Fees

Fee Assessment

Fees are assessed each term in accordance with an approved fee schedule for Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology. Maintenance Fees are based upon the number of clock hours the student is scheduled to attend for the term as outlined below for on-ground students. In addition to paying a Maintenance Fee each term, on-ground students must pay a Technology Access Fee and a Student Access Fee each term. Fees may be paid by cash, check, and money order, or credit card, or by charging against Financial Aid. No two-party checks or partial payments accepted. All fees should be paid on registration day. Students may be counted absent until tuition and fees are paid. 

NOTE: Fees are subject to change without notice.

2022-2023 Tennessee College of Applied Technology Fee Schedule*
Trimester Hours Maintenance Fee Student Access Fee Technology Access Fee Trimester Total
1-40 $196 $10 $45 $251
41-80 $264 $10 $45 $319
81-135 $399 $10 $45 $454
136-217 $694 $10 $73 $777
218-340 $1120 $10 $73 $1203
341-432 $1253 $10 $73 $1336

*Does not include program-specific fees or textbook/supplies/tool costs.

Maintenance Fees

  1. Full-time Programs - All full-time students enrolling for 341 - 432 hours, whether residents or non-residents of Tennessee, shall pay the current maximum maintenance fee as approved by the Tennessee Board of Regents. Students enrolling or completing between term beginning and ending dates will pay a prorated fee for that term based upon the fee schedule.

  2. Part-time Programs - Students enrolling part-time or in short term, supplemental or special programs of less than 341 hours will be assessed a fee based on the length of the program in which he or she is enrolled. Full-time students enrolling in part-time or special industry classes will be assessed the part-time fee.
  3. Secondary Students - Secondary students shall not be individually assessed fees. (The Tennessee College of Applied Technology will negotiate with each school district the appropriate fee for their students enrolling at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology.)
  4. Home School and Private School Students - Each student will be assessed the standard fee.
  5. Special Industry Training - Student fees shall not be individually assessed for special industry training. All charges will be made to the receiving industries and shall be credited to the school's appropriate Grants and Contracts revenue account.
  6. Other Students-For credit classes, a fee of $60 per term (including maintenance fee and tech access fee) may be charged to persons who are domiciled in Tennessee with a permanent and total disability, and persons who will become 65 years of age or older during the academic term in which they begin classes. This only applies to enrollment on a space-available basis. Fees may be discounted or considered as scholarships for full-time state employees, TBR employees, spouses, and dependents as well as children of certified public-school teachers. Before any student is counted as enrolled, the maintenance fee must be paid. Maintenance fees may not be waived unless extenuating circumstances are present according to TBR policy at the approval of the President. After a student has properly completed the enrollment form and has been approved for the courses designated on the form, the amount of applicable fees will be determined according to the fee schedule.

Other Fees

Drug screening fees, Background Checks, Clinical Fees, Liability Insurance, Truck Maintenance Fees, Welding Fees, Testing Fees, and other special academic fees are non-refundable.

In compliance with TBR B-060: Appeal process regarding fees, charges, and refunds, students have the right to appeal all fees, charges, or refunds assessed to their account if they are believed to be in error. Appeals must be submitted in writing to the Student Services Office for review. If the charges are deemed to be appropriate, students may submit their appeal to the President of the Tennessee College of Applied Technology for their determination, which will be final.


Students must purchase the following on their own, as may be required by the area of training in which enrolled:

  1. Texts, workbooks, paper, tools, and pencils
  2. All parts and materials used on personal projects
  3. Uniforms, safety glasses, and other personal items are required by specific occupational areas.
  4. Students are encouraged to take the accident insurance available.

All materials, books, and other supplies purchased from the bookstore by the student become the property of the student and are non-refundable.

Fee Waivers

Full-time state employees (to include TBR and UT employees) may enroll in training programs on a space-available basis without paying maintenance, technology access fees, and student activity fees using a PC-191 waiver. Any dependent child under the age of 21 whose parent died as a direct result of injuries received while serving in the armed forces may be eligible for a fee waiver.

Note: All persons eligible for maintenance fee waivers or discounts should provide appropriate documentation at or prior to registration.

Fee Discounts

A maintenance fee discount equal to 50% will be provided to spouses and dependent children under the age of 26 whose parent is employed by the TBR or UT system. A maintenance fee discount of 25% will be given to dependent children under the age of 24 whose parent is employed as a full-time state employee or certified teacher in a Tennessee public school or whose parent is a retired state employee.

Persons with a permanent, total disability, and persons who will become 65 years of age or older during the academic term in which they begin classes and who are domiciled in Tennessee will be charged a service fee of $60 per term. This only applies to enrollment on a space available basis.

Dishonored Check Collection Fees

The payment of fees may be made by cash, check, credit card, or money order. If a student pays fees with a check that is not honored by the bank, the student will be notified by the person so designated at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology. If the check is not paid in cash within 15 calendar days from the date of notice, that student will be withdrawn from classes. A returned check fee of $30 will be assessed. The institution may deny future check writing privileges to students who have paid registration fees with checks that are dishonored. (Policy 4:01:03:00). Once a check is returned for insufficient funds a second time, students are required to pay with a cashier’s check or cash in subsequent terms. Any past due debts must be paid prior to any additional registration and no grade reports, certificates, or diplomas will be issued until the debt is paid. Also see Payment of Student Fees and Enrollment, TBR Policy

Refund Policy

The College will automatically calculate and process a refund for any student that withdraws during the refund period. All refunds by direct deposit or checks are disbursed to the student from the Tennessee College of Applied Technology Business Office within 30 days of notification of student withdrawal.

Eligibility for Refunds:

  1. The change in a full-time student’s schedule which results in reclassification to a part-time student.
  2. A change in a part-time student’s schedule, which results in a class load of fewer hours.
  3. Voluntary withdrawal from the College within the refund period.
  4. Cancellation of a program by the College.
  5. Death of a student.
  6. Students administratively dismissed WILL NOT be eligible for refunds.

Title IV financial aid students (i.e. Pell, SEOG) may be subject to Return of Title IV refund policies. State aid program recipients are subject to institutional refund policies. 

Calculation of Refunds

1. Full Refund:

a. 100% of tuition and fees will be refunded for classes canceled by the College.

b. 100% of tuition and fees will be refunded for drops or withdrawals prior to the first official day of classes.

c. 100% of tuition and fees will be refunded in the case of death of the student during the term.

d. A 100% refund will be provided to students who are compelled by the institution to withdraw when it is determined that through institutional error, they were academically ineligible for enrollment or were not properly admitted to enroll for the course(s) being dropped. An appropriate official must certify in writing that this provision is applicable in each case.

e. Students who have not visited the school facility prior to enrollment will have the opportunity to withdraw without penalty within three days following either attendance at a regularly scheduled orientation or following a tour of the facilities and inspection of the equipment. 

2. Partial Refund:

a. A refund of 75% of tuition may be allowed if a program is dropped or a student withdraws within the first 10% of the class hours.

b. A refund of 50% of tuition may be allowed if a course is dropped or a student withdraws within the first 20% of the class hours.

c. No refund of tuition may be permitted after 20% of the class hours have been completed.

*Please note:

  • Bookstore purchases, special academic fees, and liability insurance are non-refundable.
  • Costs charged against a financial aid award may result in the refund to state or federal entities.
  • Refund checks are requested by the Tennessee College of Applied Technology Business Office and are mailed or direct deposited to the student from the Tennessee Board of Regents Service Center.