Student Handbook

Maintenance Fees

  1. Full-time Programs - All full-time students enrolling for 341 - 432 hours, whether residents or non-residents of Tennessee, shall pay the current maximum maintenance fee as approved by the Tennessee Board of Regents. Students enrolling or completing between term beginning and ending dates will pay a prorated fee for that term based upon the fee schedule.

  2. Part-time Programs - Students enrolling part-time or in short term, supplemental or special programs of less than 341 hours will be assessed a fee based on the length of the program in which he or she is enrolled. Full-time students enrolling in part-time or special industry classes will be assessed the part-time fee.
  3. Secondary Students - Secondary students shall not be individually assessed fees. (The Tennessee College of Applied Technology will negotiate with each school district the appropriate fee for their students enrolling at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology.)
  4. Home School and Private School Students - Each student will be assessed the standard fee.
  5. Special Industry Training - Student fees shall not be individually assessed for special industry training. All charges will be made to the receiving industries and shall be credited to the school's appropriate Grants and Contracts revenue account.
  6. Other Students-For credit classes, a fee of $60 per term (including maintenance fee and tech access fee) may be charged to persons who are domiciled in Tennessee with a permanent and total disability, and persons who will become 65 years of age or older during the academic term in which they begin classes. This only applies to enrollment on a space-available basis. Fees may be discounted or considered as scholarships for full-time state employees, TBR employees, spouses, and dependents as well as children of certified public-school teachers. Before any student is counted as enrolled, the maintenance fee must be paid. Maintenance fees may not be waived unless extenuating circumstances are present according to TBR policy at the approval of the President. After a student has properly completed the enrollment form and has been approved for the courses designated on the form, the amount of applicable fees will be determined according to the fee schedule.