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Tennessee College of Applied Technology-Harriman and the Free Medical Clinic have entered a partnership which will provide access to free medical care for every TCAT-Harriman student who does not have health insurance and who meets income requirements. Qualifying students can receive free medical services from any one of the clinics’ facilities in Oak Ridge, Harriman, or Briceville.

The clinic typically provides medical services only to eligible residents of Anderson, Morgan, and Roane counties. However, the partnership will allow access to services for all TCAT-Harriman students who meet the guidelines, regardless of their county of residence. Executive Director Billy Edmonds stated, “FMC continues to seek those in need of medical care that can’t afford it and we are honored to partner with TCAT-Harriman in providing no charge primary care to their students.”

TCAT President Danice Turpin, expressing her appreciation for the partnership, said “The Free Medical Clinic is an important clinical partner for our health science students, but this partnership will go a step further in providing access to free medical services for each of our qualifying students.”

Available medical services for students currently enrolled in one of the college’s three campuses located in Roane and Loudon counties include a variety of health care evaluations, annual physicals, flu shots and other vaccines, lab work, telehealth video calls, and medical imaging procedures. According to Edmonds, “TCAT-Harriman has set the pace in helping to create a better future for those in our community and FMC is amazed at how TCAT-Harriman continues to discover new ways to help people.

We look forward to sharing our mission as we strengthen our results with TCAT-Harriman by our side.”

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